Why CannaBon Oils are so Essential

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At CannaBon Therapeutics, our products are not only infused with all the benefits from hemp & CBD but also plant exacted essential oils. Essential oils have been used throughout the world as natural plant based remedies for healing and wellness.

Using superior grade essential oils, our products and blends are selected to offer therapeutic aid to specific skin and health conditions. Essential oils are no only wonderful but versatile. With numerous healing properties, you will find we use many of the same oils in multiple blends.

Understanding Our Essential Oil Blends

Each CannaBon product has been developed with a specific essential oil blend to optimizes therapeutic relief. The blends you will find in our products include:

Energy & Vitality: The combination of Basil & Peppermint, releases toxins and promotes sensory stimulation, mind energy, and helps overcome adrenal fatigue. Our Energy & Vitality blend can also assist with migraines and dizziness, simply apply to the temples and the back of the neck.

Fresh & Focused: The combination of Lavender and Cedar Wood, provides a mental calming and relaxing sensation to de-stress and promote focus, awareness, and concentration. Apply to the back of the neck, over the heart, and bottoms of the feet to assist with anxiety, stress, or teeth grinding. Fresh & Focused can also be used to manage psoriasis or eczema.

Emotional Balance: The combination of Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Tangerine promotes emotional stability and awareness. Emotional Balance Blend relaxes the mind and body to encourage mental clarity, calming, mid-day slumps, and de-stress. Can be applied to the back of the neck for mental relief. Also, Our emotional balance blend can assist with joint and muscle pains.

Detoxification: Lemongrass cleanses and purifies the body of every day toxins and pollutants. Anti-inflammatory properties can soothe and regenerate  joint, tendon, and ligament pains. Our Detoxification blend can also be applied to abdomens to detox kidneys and liver, and assist with digestive issues.

(*These blend options are available in all of our body products including: CannaBon Body Lotion, CannaBon Body Scrub, and CannaBon Body Butter.)

Cooling Therapy: Our Cooling Therapy blend can be found in CannaBon CBD Topical Cream and CannaBon CBD Roll-on. Infused with wintergreen a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory, CannaBon Cooling Therapy can assist in numerous mild-moderate pain related discomforts including: joint and muscle related pains, menstrual cramps, and headaches.

Cooling or Warming Pain Relief Blend: Like CannaBon’s Cooling Therapy, CannaBon’s Pain Relieving Therapy blend relaxes and eases discomfort associated with muscle pain & tension, arthritis, joint pains, cramping, and body aches & injuries. Infused with marjoram used for calming and mild-severe pain relief. Blended with wintergreen for a cooling sensation, Cooling Pain Relief assists with cold sores, headaches/migraines, and muscle or joint related pains. Whereas, our Warming Pain Relief Blend uses cinnamon bark oil providing a warming sensation for deep down pain relief with muscle and joint strains and pains, arthritis, and sprains. Available in CannaBon CBD Topical Cream & CannaBon CBD Roll-on.

Anti-Aging: CannaBon’s Anti-aging blend can be found in our  and CannaBon’s CBD Facial Moisturizer & Time-Releasing CBD Facial Serum. Essential oils such as Lavender and Frankincense, CannaBon’s Anti-aging blend promotes skin regeneration, rejuvenation, and reduces the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clean Skin: CannaBon’s Clean Skin blend uses essential oils such as melaleuca and eucalyptus to assist with numerous skin conditions and problematic areas including; acne, blemishes, dermatitis, eczema and oily skin. CannaBon’s Clean Skin blend can be found in our CannaBon Exfoliating Facial Scrub and CannaBon's Spot Treatment Acne Serum.

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