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Our CBD Story.

Hey there, Sara here! I wanted to take a moment to reach out and share with you how CBD Oil has made a difference for us! Although I have used CBD oil for a while for various reasons, I wanted to share Reagyn's experience with you. Reagyn is my seven-year-old daughter and was recently diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) where a thrombosed blood vessel is chipping away pieces of her knee bone. As this is a rare condition, we have found there to be a lot of controversy surrounding therapeutic treatments. So, during the two week period between her original diagnosis and MRI results, I made the decision to start her on a low dose of CBD oil.

Bone-related studies showed patients using CBD had 35-50% stronger bones than non treated subjects. CBD blocks the enzyme that destroys bone-building compounds and has also been found to help speed up bone-cell formation which reduces the risk of bone-related diseases, speeds up the healing process, and decreases the likelihood of refracturing the bone, (Leinow, L. and Brinbaum, J., 2017.)  


Prior to Reagyn's follow-up appointment, our treatment options consisted of surgery, casting her leg or eliminating mobility of her right leg (that option still makes me laugh.) Now, I wasn't expecting a significant difference between to two appointments but I felt (and still feel) confident that CBD was our best therapeutic option. After using CBD oil for a few days, Reagyn expressed to me that CBD was the only thing that made her knee feel better, even better than purple (ibuprofen.) As a mother, that statement alone felt like a miracle and I'll also mention I have noticed more of a calmness after taking CBD and my child is ACTIVE.

During her follow-up appointment, the MRI scan showed some small chipping of her knee bone but nothing severe enough that would need surgery. The doctors also decided that casting her leg wouldn't be necessary and would want to avoid weakening the leg muscles so, our recommended therapy is to limit and redirect activity and mobility (another chuckle) and see where she is in three months. Although I cannot fully credit CBD for this great news, I will say I do believe it is already helping Reagyn's condition and through continue use I believe we will see great improvements by her next x-ray in three months! I will be sure to keep you updated on her progress!

Leinow, L. and Birnbaum, J. (2017) CBD: A patient's guide to medical cannabis. North Atlantic Books. Berkley California. 

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