The 250 mg oil has been very helpful for my daughter's anxiety. From the very first time she used it, it calmed her down almost immediately! My daughter calculated that it works in 3 minutes! Also the warming roll on has also helped her very pain and deliblitating menstrual cramps. Thank you so much Sara for helping me help my daughter. -Dionne

Holy cow. I thought I'd give this a shot for migraines and other general ailments. Been taking the oil for just a few days now and definitely notice a drastic change in the pressure in my head. ALSO I purchased the cooling cream. Due to allergies and whatnot, my ears frequently plug and I almost completely lose hearing for 2+ weeks a shot. Of course, this happened about 2 days ago, accompanied by a lot of inner ear pressure pain. I decided to try putting cooling cream on my head, face, and jawline around my affected ear and down my neck. MY HEARING IS BACK TO NORMAL. In 2 days!! This NEVER happens, my hearing is always gone at least 2 weeks. I'm truly amazed!!  -Emily 

I have had a lot of muscle pain relief using CannaBon's CBD Topical Cream for months and following a marathon I ran last month, I used the cream to help my athlete's foot & blisters. Within a few days both were healed! Because CannaBon products are so versatile, I would recommend them to everyone! -Tom 

I have used more commercial brands, and found they do not compare to CannaBon. Not only a better working product, I even enjoy the taste better then the others. I stick with the unflavored though. I think this is the best product out there and it's a local business. -Neil